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Updated: Jun 4, 2019

You may have been personal training for years and have a full house of clients, you may be a start-up looking to kick start your business or you’re here for to read my wit and occasional knowledge bombs. Either way, I guarantee you’ll find at least one of the following secrets resourceful in becoming a more successful version of yourself. We’ll delve deeper into more methods over the next few months, but for now let’s explore the secrets on becoming a successful personal trainer and how you can add more revenue to your personal training business.

1. Master Social Dynamics

Think of Facebook and Instagram as your favourite coffee shop. You’d probably never walk into that coffee shop and say “Hey guys, why don’t you buy something from me right now.”

Like Facebook and Instagram, coffee shop is a social environment. They don’t want to buy from you, they’re there to socialise with you (unless you’re at Starbucks near a uni, in which case they’re on their laptops with their headphones in).

One thing I hear personal trainers saying all the time is “Facebook just doesn’t work for me, man.”; when all they’ve been posting is “Get 10 sessions for only £200”. You wouldn’t run into Starbucks and start yelling out random offers to their customers, would you? If you do, please film it and tag me in your post, it’d be hilarious.

So why not do what Starbucks do? Ever seen their staff walk around with a tiny tray with small sample cups handing out FREE

Frappuccinos? They want you to sample it, because there’s a pretty high chance you’ll order more in future.

In the next 30 days, I want you to allow your facebook fanbase to get to know you, like you and trust you through to the posts you share on your page. Share your favourite exercises, client success stories, testimonials or invitations for a free trial. All of those will give your prospects a better idea of who you are and why they should buy from you.

Strike with a sale using the 80/20 rule. So for every 80% of your posts, 20% can be a sale or a call to action where you give your prospects the opportunity to buy an offer you share with them.

2.Capitalise on Clients

You’ll hear me use the terms Capitalise & ROI – Return on Investment pretty often. Use this mindset in everything you do within your business, to make the most of every opportunity you get.

Let’s talk about clients. Your clients have already bought from you, they love you given you’re helping them reach their goals, thus they’re the easiest sell to. If you have them on one session per week, offer them double the sessions for 25% off. You can also offer them a referral scheme, so for every paying client they refer to you, they’ll then receive a free personal training session as a thank you. Don’t forget, your clients are your walking billboards – so the better they look, the more trust you’ll get from their friends and family who your clients will boast about you!

Capitalising on leads is certainly something many personal trainers miss out on.

Let’s say you offer out a raffle for your fellow Facebookers or gym members to enter, in which they have a chance of winning a free week of personal training. How could you capitalise on this raffle and squeeze out everything you can from this giveaway?

First and foremost I’d make sure that the winner checks-in every single time they attend their free session with you at ‘Your Personal Training Studio’. This can be done in many ways, but I’d recommend photo or video content where their friends and family can see how much fun they’re having getting fit with you!

Consider giving away free referral cards, which offer a “FREE 45 minute Personal Training session”. Give your clients a few of those to hand out to their coworkers and anyone who they feel can benefit from the same service.

Furthermore, how can we capitalise on everyone else who applied for the raffle? Follow up with every single entrant via phone-call, voicemail or email with the something along these lines “Hey, it’s Kamal here from Fortitude Fitness. You’ve showed interest in winning the free week of personal training. I’m sorry you didn’t win this month’s competition, but I’d love to offer you a free taster session. When is a good time to book you in?” If they don’t answer, don’t forget to leave your name and number in the voicemail!

3. Create Recurring Income

Let’s be honest, most personal trainers are personal trainers – not sales people. Selling personal training is a massive struggle for us as most of us simply don’t know how to do it.

You’re great at getting your clients results, but when it comes to their 9th session out of 10 we suddenly freeze and don’t know how to bring up buying another 10 sessions.

Firstly, all your clients should be paying straight into your bank on the same day of each month. If you’ve got a personal training studio, you should be able to justify direct debit origination services, where you can create a contract with your clients in which the money comes out of their bank automatically each month on the same date. If you’re not quite there yet, simply ask all your clients to create a standing order. It takes them less than 5 minutes and a saves you a lifetime of stress.

Secondly, simple psychology goes a long way. Giving your clients a call to action with both options in your favour is something that has worked for both myself and most of my team of personal trainers.

Let’s compare example A and B.

A: “Hey Sally, so tomorrow is your 10th session. Do you fancy getting another 10?”

B: “Hey Sally, your sessions run out tomorrow. Are you going to continue with the 10 sessions or would you like to try 15 this month?”

In option A, you’re giving your client the option to consider quitting and saying no. Where as option B, gives your client to not only continue, but to upgrade their package and get to their results 33% faster!

I just want to be clear, this isn’t some trickery to manipulate innocent people into giving them money. This isn’t stealing.

“It’s not what you do that matters, but the place that it’s coming from.” If you’re doing this with the genuine motivation to get your clients to their goals in record time and feed your family in the process, you shouldn’t feel bad at all. You’re simply exchanging in value.

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